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Melania Trump - Slovenian side of the story ebook available on Amazon

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»Yugoslavia, where soon to be first lady of USA was born.«

Interesting short story of the times when Yugoslavia was a country known only to politicians, whereas a common man was mostly ignorant of its existence, as it might still also be the case today on the other side of the Atlantic, where the Slovenian femme born and raised in Tito's Yugoslavia, will become the next First Lady of the USA.Miha LenicMore reviews »

»A must read!«

Slovenian author writting about Slovenian future first lady. A lot of the people never heard about Slovenia or Yugoslavia before. This is where the future first lady grew up and the author nicely catches the geographical influce of that era. It is a must read for everyone who wants to know some hidden facts about the future first lady and her origin..J. O.More reviews »


Sandi Gorišek

Sandi Gorišek, proud Slovenian, mechanical engineer and enthusiastic traveller that combines his professional work with his passion to travel the world. Outside of the world of equations, he enjoys golfing, team sports, dancing and is trying to make a fool out of himself as often as possible. He is continiously fascinated with the customs and diversity of people he meets along the way and he always sticks to his favorite quote, "Think, it's not illegal yet!"